Sweet Dreams: Some organizing ideas for the bedroom

As noted in an earlier post, my mom is now using our master and ensuite, so Mr. Patience and I are sharing a small bathroom with our kids and we have renovated our loft office to make it our new bedroom. It has meant finding some new ways to store our stuff, so I thought I would share some of them with you today.

We don’t have closets in our new room, so we have added IKEA wardrobes. When I saw the doors on this unit, I knew they would provide the perfect spot to hang my necklaces.

I measured out the space according to the number of hooks I needed — and yes, I remembered to purge unwanted pieces first!

Ten minutes later — done! No tangles, easy-to-see and soooo easy to do! Best of all, they are 3M hooks, so they can be removed at a later date without peeling off the finish.

My small pieces — rings, bracelets, watches and earrings — have found a home in my new combo vanity-desk. I can easily see what I have and I don’t have to go digging to find anything. (And yes, I am a silver, not gold, girl!)

I love my jewellery storage because it works perfectly for me. I am a very visual person, so by having my jewellery laid out and organized, I am more likely to use it!

There isn’t much space in our new bathroom to keep my makeup and, frankly, because it is windowless, it isn’t a great place to apply it anyway. So another tray in the vanity-desk holds my little makeup odds and ends.

The top drawer of my night table holds some books, magazines, a flashlight, a pen and pad (to jot down ideas and reminders so I can hopefully settle down and get to sleep!) and some hand cream. In order to keep the reading material from shifting around, I use this Dream Drawer divider. It’s spring-loaded and can adjust to the depth of a standard dresser drawer.

The dividers are not long enough to handle the super-deep drawers in our wardrobe, but $2 dollar store bins corral up the various types of small garments. Needless to say, these inexpensive bins are great in just about every room of a house!

We have been managing to stay pretty organized in our new bedroom and I don’t miss my old room at all. As for sharing a bathroom with a bunch of guys…hmmmm, did I say how much I really like my new bedroom?!

So tell me, do you have great organizing solutions in your bedroom?